The year 2009 through accident I grabbed a camera, amazed by it´s possibilities of reshaping the world. Following day I bought a crappy Nikon D40. By that time only getting a glimpse of it´s power, my view of reality started to change. Over the years with each new camera or lens, surroundings appeared more versatile; my perception adjusted to the actual equipment I was using. In 2015 film photography came to me and I bought my first analogue camera. A whole new chapter began, not only capturing my view, rather creating a context; mirroring life as I see our world. Many old cameras followed, each one with an own personality, purely beautiful. Doubtless giving me the chance to grow.

Photography is my tool and my love to create. It´s a reflection of my inner, constantly changing. More or less another´s person point of view, my 10 years visual spirit.

"our very existence is build on destruction". stopped manufacturing satisfying photography. the connections in between the series creating a daily human comedy eating itself again and again.

open for any mind growing project and creative symbiosis.

people / animal portraits

fashion / shop shoots

any weird project

Equipment analogue

Bessa L 100 years lmt. edition, Canon MC, Contax T2 + T3, Fuji GF670, Fuji Klasse W, Konica Aiborg, Konica Hexar, Kyocera Samurai 3.0 + 4.0 + Z, Nikon L35AW AF, Polaroid SX-70, Ricoh GR21, Ricoh FF-9SD lmt., Ricoh Xobbox, Yashica FX-3 Super, Yashica T5D

Equipment digital

Fuji X100S, Sony A7R


Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED